Welcome to the homepage of Andreas Winter. Have fun

Computer science student from Germany.

Computer Science

While successfully completing an apprenticeship as IT specialist for system integration, I found my passion for this topic. Now, I study computer science to get more experience.


Playing the guitar makes me really happy and it is important for me to clear my mind.


I love to travel around the world and discover new cultures and landscapes. Establishing contacts during this time is the icing on the cake.

My computer science skills


Java is my preferred language for backend delelopment.

ReactJS + Redux

I like the way how to develop responsive webpages with React + Redux. I already gathered experience in deleloping progressive web apps.


I have experience of the Blockchain and already deleloped some projects using the new technology.

Linux & networks

During my apprenticeship as IT specialist for system integration, I used Linux servers a lot and was responsible for the management of our network.

Are you interested?

Use one of the ways shown below, to get in touch with me. Looking forward to hear from you.